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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

watch :Bhoot And Friends | 2010 | Online movie part 1,2,3

Bhoot and Friends is one Hindi movie which the Bollywood fans can compare with Harry potter The movie is adventurous thriller which involves bunch of kids hunting for the mysterious treasure.The story begins with an eleven year old and his friends who are out on summer vacation.However, all goes haywire when they accidentally get involved in hunting for a lost treasure which is also being sought and hunted for by a notorious villain.In their quest for treasure the kids meet a ghost who has magical powers.The role of Ghost in the movie Bhoot and Friends is played by Jackie Shroff who has really put great charm to the movie.The movie also have a touch of comedy but it all makes sense.The film Bhoot and Friends bringing Jackie Shroff like one of his earlier film Bhoot Uncle, this movie shows the actor playing a ghost, though the ghost does not cause harm to anyone.

Cast and Crew :

Presenter: Wide Angle Media Pvt Ltd

Producer: Aneesh Arjun Dev

Director: Kittu Saluja

Director of Photography: Krishna Ramanan

Action Director: Hanif Shaikh

Story & Screenplay: Reshma A Dev

Dialogues: Sachindra Sharma

Editor: K. D. Dilip

Background Score: Sunil Singh

Art: Madhu Kamble
Cast: Jackie Shroff, Ashwin Mushran, Aditya Lakhia, Markand Soni, Ishita Panchal, Akash Nair, Tejas Rahate
Part :1
Part :2
Part :3

watch :Bhoot And Friends | 2010 | Online movie

Bhoot And Friends part 1,2,3

Bhoot And Friends part 4,5,6,7

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